Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Ford!

We had a great day on Ford's birthday, filled with his favorite things:  the park, Showmars, video games, Kabuto, cake, and family.  We had his party with his classmates at Bank of America Stadium, where we got a tour and a chance to play football with Sir Purr(!)  Happy birthday, Fordman!

A look back at Ford's 4s:
  • He is smart (he is one of 3 in his 21-kid class that knows all of his sight words!), silly, sweet, and sensitive. 
  • He loves video games, soccer, the color green, The Incredibles, Pete the Cat, Where's Waldo, Ninja Turtles, superheroes, the beach, tacos and mussels and oatmeal and Chick-Fil-A, and dance parties with Margot.
  • He can read simple books, has learned basic addition and subtraction, and has started to understand jokes and sarcasm.  He does chores, keeps an eye on Margot if we're in a different room, and is so much more independent than a year ago.
  • He loves going to Panthers and Hornets games, and has really started to pick up on the rules of both sports and loves following along with the scoreboard.  His favorite players are Luke and Kemba.